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    Family Intervention

    An Intervention is a great act of love! An addiction intervention is a life-saving mission whereby loving family members and concerned friends or employers are educated about addiction and led by a trained professional for the purpose of helping the Alcoholic or Addict with an opportunity to gain recovery.

    For family members and friends concerned about someone’s use of alcohol or drugs, there can be a great deal of confusion and frustration about what to do. The last thing you want to do is to admit that there’s a problem……you just keep hoping things will get better or that they will just stop.

    Research indicates that addiction is a chronic and progressive disease, sitting back and hoping that things will get better can be very dangerous. If you are concerned, NOW, not later is the time to get help from someone specifically trained and successfully experienced in helping individuals, friends and families with alcohol and drug problems. Embrace Recovery and Wellness Center can help!

    If someone you care about is suffering from drug or alcohol addiction or engaged in other harmful behaviors but refuses to get help, a professional intervention can be the most loving, healthy and successful way to get them into treatment. Together we create an intervention environment that doesn’t threaten shame or humiliate your loved one or family. A carefully planned and facilitated intervention – when performed in a loving, respectful and professional manner – will empower you and help your loved one begin a new path to a healthier, happier life.

    Our process includes three main ingredients: Education, Planning and Follow Up. For friends and family, the first step is getting information and learning about what you are dealing with:

    • How alcohol and drugs affect the person who is using, (Learn about alcohol and drugs
    • How their alcohol and drug use affects you, the family and friends
    • What you need to do to get the help and support that you need.

    For some, the education process is enough to help support their efforts to get help for their friend or family member. But for others, it is clear that the person they are concerned about is incapable of admitting they are in trouble and need help. Decades of experience have shown that intervention is a powerful tool to help.

    We offer a Family Matters Group designed to educate and support people who have been affected by someone’s alcohol, drug or behavioral addiction. Call us at 513-648-9596 to discuss the options available for your best, next step might be.