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    Rates & Insurance

    Therapy is an investment in yourself and in your life. It’s a cooperative partnership that demands a great deal from you and your therapist. It’s also a commitment of time and finances.

    By dedicating yourself to the process you’ll be better able to create the change you need for an empowered future. The tools and skills you gain in therapy are yours to use for the rest of your life.


    • $175 Initial Assessment Appointment
    • $300 Mandated Substance Abuse Assessment

    (Court, Employer, Children’s Services, Professional Board, etc.)

    • $140 Individual Therapy, Couple & Family Therapy
    • $35 – $50 Education &/or Group Therapy
    • $120 Integrated Reiki
    • $140 per hour Consultations

    Call for specifics regarding the Family Interventions


    Many people believe that counseling and therapy is only possible if insurance pays for it. Not only is this a myth… in fact, there are several reasons that paying privately for therapy may be more beneficial.

    1. Freedom – No referrals needed and you can choose the ERWC therapist that best suits your individual need.
    2. Control – You call the shots! No rules to follow regarding frequency or duration of sessions and type of therapy that is approved. Decisions about your therapy is solely between you and your therapist.
    3. Labels – Did you know if you use your insurance for mental health or addiction services…. your therapist is required to provide a diagnosis? Most people do not know that in order for your insurance to pay for services a mental health diagnosis is required. Please be aware that not all issues, problems conditions or diagnosis’ are covered.
    4. Confidentiality – Your therapist is required to keep what occurs in your session confidential. However, insurance companies need some information such as diagnosis for reimbursement. The private pay option offers complete confidential counseling. This allows you to feel safe to discuss personal matters without it being shared with outside entities.

    If you are looking for a therapist for yourself or your teen and not sure you can afford it – call to discuss possible options to make counseling more affordable while giving you total control over your mental health care.


    We are “In Network” with the carriers listed below. However, if you do not see your insurance provider – we are more than happy to provide a superbill for you to submit to your insurance for “Out of Network” benefits.

    • Anthem
    • Cigna
    • Custom Design Benefits
    • Medical Mutual & Med Bin
    • United, United Healthcare, United Behavioral Health & UMR
    • Optum, Allsavers, Golden Rule

    Insurance coverage can be confusing – please consult with your provider regarding the mental/behavioral health coverage and if your therapist is “In Network”. Again, it is your responsibility to verify the specifics of your plan.


    Cash, check, and all major credit cards accepted for payment. All fees are collected at the time of service.


    If you cancel less than 24 hours prior to your scheduled appointment or you do not show for your appointment, a $75 cancellation fee will be charged.